Be proactive and prepared for when, not if, your information (identity, cards, accounts, etc.) is stolen.

  • Know your existing accounts (debit / credit cards, bank accounts, loans, etc.)
  • Know your purchase history.
  • Memorize account numbers and online access credentials or maintain good records storing them in a secure, accessible place.
  • Carry more than one means of payment.
    • Unfortunately, the current state of card fraud requires that card transactions be monitored for fraudulent activity, this can result in cards being turned off unexpectedly due to actual fraud and sometimes false positives.
  • When you get a new card:
    • put the telephone number for reporting lost or stolen cards in your phone or
    • know where to locate the number on a web site.
    • For cards issued by FCBCA, you can find our number here.
  • Utilize technology based tools / services to assist you in protecting and detecting issues with your information.
    • E-statements - for FCBCA customers this is free and easy way to keep from receiving statements in hard copy form to be stolen in route or thrown away by accident.
    • Card Management - with SecureLock Equip, FCBCA cardholders can manage their cards by turning them on and off at their convenience, setting controls by location, merchant types, transaction types, and spending limits and receiving card alerts.
    • Online Baking - with online and mobile banking technology you have the ability to review your accounts and their activity at your convenience.
    • Notifications / Alerts - paying close attention to notifications / alerts from online banking and card management tools could enable you to recognize and resolve an issue before it is out of control.
    • Credit Monitoring - monitor your credit to stay apprised of the accounts being reported, that they are in fact your accounts and that credit checks are performed because you have authorized the activity. FCBCA customers can do this through our First Choice Bundle account add on.

My wallet  / purse was stolen! Now what?