Check Printing
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Fee depends on style of checks ordered
Deposited Items Charged Back $5 per item
Authorized Overdraft Privilege** $30 per item
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF)** $33 per item
Account Research. $25 per hour
Stop Payment. $30 per item
Wire Transfers
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Domestic Incoming - $5 per wire
Domestic Outgoing - $20 per wire
Foreign Incoming - $25 per wire
Foreign Outgoing - $75 per wire
Collection Items $25 per item
Official Checks $7 per check
Check Cashing: Non-Customers $10 per check
Instant Issue Debit Card
Reissue Debit Card/ATM Card $5 per card
ODP Transfer $5 per transfer
Safe Deposit Boxes

      First Club customers receive a discount of $10 off these per year fees

3x5 - $25 per year
3x10 - $40 per year
5x10 - $65 per year
10x10 - $100 per year
5x5 - $35 per year(Millbrook Branch Only)
Night Deposit Bags $5 per Zipper Bag
$15 per Lock Bag

** Authorized Overdraft Privilege and Non-Sufficient Funds fees apply to overdrafts and returned items created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means.