Certificates of Deposit

A relatively low investment risk, a CD offers a convenient way to save. Your investment is easily converted into cash at the end of the term you select.*

  • Current market interest rate earned
  • Maturities available from seven days to five years
  • $1,000 needed to open any CD

* Substantial penalty for early withdrawal

IRA Accounts

Looking for a comfortable place for your nest egg? We offer a variety of Individual Retirement Account investing plans – from traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. Traditional IRAs let you invest pretax dollars, providing possible tax benefits throughout your income-producing years. Roth IRAs, while not tax-deductible, allow you to make qualified, tax-free distributions. Please talk with us about which type of IRA best suits your investment needs and goals.*

  • Different eligibility requirements for each type of IRA
  • Different tax benefits for each type of IRA
  • Please discuss eligibility and tax benefits with your tax advisor
  • Allowed to make annual contributions once IRA is open
  • Set up automatic transfers from an existing demand deposit account
  • $100 needed to open any IRA

* Substantial penalty for early withdrawal

Please call our main office at (334) 567-0081 for CD and IRA rates.